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Hockey is known as a family game in which two teams are playing against each other, and they try to put the ball or puck the ball into the goal of its opponents. This putting of ball into the opponent hole is known as a goal, and the goal is done with the help of a wooden stick which is known as a hockey stick.

There are a few forms of hockey, played on a variety of surfaces. The greater part of the diversions highlights players with some stick attempting to thump a ball into a net. Except unusual circumstances, the net will dependably be protected by a player who wears protecting uniform or shielding cover, as a rule, called a goalie or keeper. There are varieties of hockey for men, ladies, and kids that contain contrasting measures of physicality and require diverse athletic aptitudes.

There are different forms of hockey. In many places, these different forms of hockey are commonly known as normal hockey.

Followings are the different forms of hockey

Field hockey:

Nowadays if you say the hockey of today, most of the fans will think that it is ice hockey but the real hockey that as it may, for the vast majority of its hockey history was executed on a field. Some traces are found which reveal that hockey was playing around 2000 bc before. Nowadays this hockey game is played on the surface of about the size of a football field, on 100 yards long and 60-yard wide field. There are 11 players on each hockey team. The idea about the importance of the hockey can be taken from some countries like Pakistan made this game as their national game.

Hockey on ice:

Hockey on ice is known as ice hockey. The James Creighton gives the ice hockey come in existence in 1873, the rules for ice hockey; he is also known as the developer of the ice hockey. This game is mostly played in North America, This game is played on ice, and the field of ice is prepared for this game that covers the area of about 200 feet long and 85 feet wide field. The duration or period to play the ice hockey is 60 minutes. In 60 minutes of the period for ice hockey contains three half of about 20 minutes of each.

Inline hockey:

Inline hockey is another form hockey. The inline hockey is mostly like as the ice hockey; they are almost similar hockey games. The inline hockey is played on the inline rink or roller rink, and players who play the inline hockey wears the inline uniforms or skates these are also known as roller blades. The team of inline hockey includes five skaters at once, also including the goalie. The game is normally consisting of two halves; each half is consist of 25 minutes. A few forms of inline hockey utilize a plastic puck while others highlight a plastic ball.

These are some types of the hockey which you can play and enjoy.


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